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Introducing “10Gs”, an amalgamation of Jet Fuel Gelato and Gastro Pop, a strain that boasts both an attractive aroma and a robust, high-yield growth pattern. The scent palette of 10Gs is an enticing blend of gelato, candy, gasoline, and floral undertones.

The maturation period of 10Gs is a brisk 8-9 weeks, and the plant presents with an outstanding structure characterized by speedy vegetation, moderate stretching, and an impressive bud configuration that leads to abundant yields. The color scheme of the plant is predominantly a delicate purple fade.

This strain is versatile, thriving in a variety of environments including indoor settings, greenhouses, and outdoor spaces. The name “10Gs” draws its inspiration from two sources. Firstly, it symbolizes the immense force experienced during a rocket’s take-off, and secondly, it represents the substantial profit potential of cultivating this particular strain.

The lineage of 10Gs could be seen as a backcross of Jet Fuel Gelato (JFG) due to Gastro Pop’s parent strains being Apples & Bananas (Now N Later x JFG) and Grape Gasoline (Grape Pie x JFG). This ensures the JFG strain’s characteristics are strongly represented within 10Gs’ genetic makeup.

It’s been reported that nearly all plants of this strain displayed consistent growth and potent characteristics. The choicest selections combine the uniformity and market-ready features of JFG, enhanced with the unique aroma, flavor, and color imparted by Gastro Pop. It’s been reported to have a delightful balance of sweet and savory terpenes, with a few displaying a wonderful floral fragrance.

10Gs is an ideal cultivar for novice growers, given its high tolerance to varied conditions and its impressive yield. This strain is not only a joy to cultivate but also a profitable endeavor that promises a bountiful harvest.