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Boasting a genetic composition of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica, this strain delivers a THC content of 19.05%, complemented by CBD and CBN levels at 0.17% and 0.14% respectively.

Originating from a cross-breed of Swiss Sativa and Swiss Indica, this strain offers a potent, balanced high that combines clarity with introspection. Its distinct flavor profile intermingles sweetness with multifaceted undertones, making for a unique tasting experience.

When cultivated indoors, a flowering period of nine weeks yields the most abundant resin. However, commercial growers often prefer an eight-week cycle, which can still produce up to a hefty 700 grams per square meter.

Outdoor cultivation sees the plant ready for harvest by the end of September in the Northern hemisphere. This strain is known to be a towering plant, resistant to mold – an ideal choice for humid environments. It can produce up to an impressive 800 grams per plant.

A.M.S. Strain Information

This strain, known as AMS, is a classic outdoor strain from the esteemed Green House Seeds catalog. Its popularity stems from its remarkable resistance to pests and fungi, a characteristic that has earned it the name Anti Mold Strain (AMS). It’s also a subtle nod to the iconic city of Amsterdam.

The AMS strain is the offspring of two traditional Swiss strains, gifted to Arjan by a close friend. This beautiful blend exudes a verdant, forest-like aroma intertwined with the scent of ripe, red fruits reminiscent of aged jam, all while featuring rock-solid buds.

The plant exhibits a sturdy and attractive structure. The nodes moderately stretch, fortifying the plant against environmental threats like wind or wildlife. The branches possess robust stems capable of supporting heavy flowers at the season’s end.

The flower clusters are compact, dense, and drenched in an exquisite sticky resin. The leaves flaunt a deeper green shade, contrasting with other strains. This strain’s natural camouflage with other plants makes it an excellent choice for discreet cultivation.

As the flowering stage concludes, the aroma intensifies, permeating the environment with an overpowering scent of overripe red fruits.

The AMS strain’s effects are ideal for a productive, creative day. The impact is swift and potent but leaves you energized, enabling you to maintain your work or express your creativity without succumbing to lethargy.

This strain is yet to receive any awards. Nonetheless, its remarkable qualities make it a worthy contender for future recognition.