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This particular strain boasts an 80% Sativa and 20% Indica blend. It contains a THC content of 21.22%, a CBD measure of 0.19%, and a CBN level of 0.53%.

The genetic lineage of this strain is quite intriguing, a complex combination of Neville’s Haze, Cambodian, and Laos strains. These genetics give it a unique profile, producing distinctive effects on the consumer.

The strain induces a subtle sativa high, slowly creeping up on the user. It’s known for stirring a profoundly introspective and meditative mood, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a contemplative experience.

When it comes to indoor cultivation, it demands patience, taking about 13 to 14 weeks to reach full maturity. However, the wait is worth it as the yield can be as much as 700 grams per square meter. It is characterized by a tall stature and elongated branches, making it perfectly suited for Low Stress Training (LST).

Outdoor cultivation sees the plant ready for harvest by the first week of November if you’re in the northern hemisphere. The plant’s yield capacity expands outdoors, capable of producing up to 1150 grams per plant. It is highly adaptable, thriving in a wide range of climates including equatorial, tropical, subtropical, and even temperate zones.

In recognition of its exceptional qualities, this strain has been awarded the prestigious title of 1st in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006.