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Bubble Gum, often known as “Bubba Gum,” is a popular indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. The origins of Bubble Gum are somewhat uncertain, but it is thought to be the result of an unknown cross between Indiana Bubble Gum.

This strain produces a numbing high that relieves pain and stimulates your mind. Many smokers of Bubble Gum claim it aids in their ability to stay awake and creative, while others report a stoney head high.

Bubble Gum is a wonderful strain that provides a sweet taste to the mouth. This plant’s potency may be enjoyed by both new and experienced marijuana users, thanks to its high 17 percent THC content. This strain can be consumed in tiny doses throughout the day. In larger doses, Bubble Gum might make your mouth dry.

The famed Bubble Gum strain has a flavor profile that’s comparable to its name, with bubble gum and sweet floral notes bursting through. People who use medical marijuana choose Bubble Gum for pain relief, nausea alleviation, stress reduction, and depression treatment.

This strain develops into light green and fluffy buds with visible trichome coverage that gives off a frosty appearance, according to growers.

Bubble Gum is a popular strain that has been around for quite some time. It’s easy to grow, and it usually blooms in 7-9 weeks. Indiana farmers developed Bubble Gum in the 1990s and it has taken home cannabis trophies ever since, including several Cannabis Cups.