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Kosher Kush, often known as “Kosher OG,” is a well-known indica cannabis strain. DNA Genetics currently offers Kosher Kush in seed form, having been founded in Los Angeles as a clone-only strain.

The Kosher Kush strain has won numerous awards. It was previously named a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Best Indica in 2010 and 2011, as well as Best Strain in 2011. The THC levels produced by this strain are staggering.

It is one of the most fragrant OG Kush-related strains, with a distinct yet recognizable aroma that has been compared to rich soil and fruit. Many consider it to be one of the finest buds around because of its unique yet familiar scent and is often described as one of the most delicious smokes available.

The abundance of THC, combined with the high amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids in this strain, make for a potent combination that promotes both pain relief and relaxation. Many heavy strains produce notable stress and pain alleviation, as well as sleepiness.