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The Lemon Skunk strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana plant developed from two particular Skunk phenotypes hand-picked by the breeder. This well-known strain has a mild high and energizing effects.

Lemon Skunk is a skunky strain with a pungent smell and sweet, zesty lemon undertones. Lemon Skunk’s effects are immediate and produce an effervescent energy that makes you feel euphoric.

This strain is said to assist you break out of your rut if you’re in a mental funk. Lemon Skunk contains 18% THC, making it an excellent choice for cannabis users of all experience levels. Myrcene is Lemon Skunk’s most prominent terpene.

This strain is popular among cannabis users who suffer from stress or depression because it aids in the alleviation of these symptoms. This strain, according to breeders, produces a large yield with beautiful orange and green buds. Lemon Skunk was created by DNA Genetics.