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The Tezla OG strain presents a delightfully complex terpene profile, oscillating between the intense and the sweet. Its aromatic spectrum encompasses hints of rare wood, sweet candy, and invigorating coffee. Cultivators often find themselves spending extended periods simply savoring the robust and harmonious bouquet of this strikingly beautiful flower. Its profuse lateral branches produce a multitude of budding sites, yielding color-saturated, trichome-laden buds of a distinctive conical shape.

The genetic composition of Tezla OG Feminized encompasses the celebrated Hash Plant, Shiva Skunk, and SFV OG, culminating in an indica-leaning strain. The compact growth profile, an attribute likely inherited from Hash Plant, is a boon for indoor growers. SFV OG lends its characteristic bud structure to Tezla OG, while Shiva Skunk announces its presence through the plant’s robust vitality.

Growth Characteristics of Tezla OG Feminized

Seeds of Tezla OG Feminized germinate into a plant showcasing both indica and sativa traits in its overall morphology. Its compact structure, short stature, and closely-spaced internodes are textbook indications of an indica-leaning plant. However, its vigorous lateral growth is a telltale sign of its sativa heritage. Being feminized, these seeds ensure a completely female crop.

Tezla OG Feminized follows an indica-dominant flowering cycle, completing in around 55-60 days. Under optimal cultivation conditions, indoor plants can reach heights of 80-120 cm by harvest time. This strain is particularly suited to indoor cultivation where vertical space might be a limiting factor. With favorable outdoor conditions, the plant can exceed heights of 100 cm.

Buds of Tezla OG Feminized closely resemble those of SFV OG – small yet abundant. The foliage retains a rich green hue until the final flowering weeks when it becomes adorned with striking purple highlights. The buds, conical and tightly-packed, captivate the eyes. Indoor cultivation under controlled conditions can yield around 425-475 grams per square meter.

In an outdoor setting, Tezla OG Feminized thrives in sunny Mediterranean-like climates. For growers blessed with warm nights and scanty rainfall, yields can exceed 550 grams per plant. Despite its compact size, conventional training methods can enhance yield or extend the vegetative phase. Techniques such as SOG, SCROG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping are well-tolerated by this strain.

Impressions, Flavors, and Aromas of Tezla OG

Tezla OG embodies a blend of desirable effects from its hybrid lineage. Its impact is immediate, triggering an invigorating shift in perspective and a mentally uplifting sativa-influenced journey. The euphoric, mind-focused effects act as a diversion before the calming indica traits envelope the body, ultimately converging into a state of serene satisfaction that complements the enduring body high.

During active growth, Tezla OG Feminized releases a gentle floral aroma, accentuated by fruity and herbal nuances. Upon maturity, the terpene profile becomes a true sensory celebration. Dominant earthy notes vie for attention, flanked by a potent overlay of fresh-cut pine and sweet berry aromas. Its unique appeal is further enhanced by background hints of exotic sandalwood, spice, creamy caramel, and coffee, all emanating from the cured Tezla OG Feminized flowers.

While its flavor profile is less intricate, Tezla OG Feminized offers a memorable palette of tastes. The initial experience unfolds with a sweet, tangy citrus hint, a nod to the distant Skunk #1 lineage. This fresh flavor is balanced by deep, earthy undertones, resulting in an enticing taste contrast. To finish, there is a discernible hint of pine and Kush notes that linger.

Key Takeaways

Tezla OG is a stellar creation, blending the esteemed traits of three award-winning genetic lineages. It stands as an impressive hybrid, expressing both indica and sativa characteristics in a beautiful balance. With its fusion of traditional Dutch genetics and a popular American strain, this unique cultivar makes a compelling case for itself.

Seed Type: Feminized strain
Sativa / indica: Indica
Flowering Time: Long flowering period
Height: Compact plant
Yield: Large yield
Climate Zone: Sunny / mediterranean

Tezla OG Lineage / Genealogy

  • Tezla OG: Hash Plant x Shiva Skunk x SFV OG