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Designed with the discerning aficionado in mind, this blend features two of the United States’ most sought-after and exceptional cannabis strains. Biscotti, a globally admired 80% Indica dominant variant, was genetically combined with our exclusive, flavorful Mintz Phenotype. The outcome was nothing short of breathtaking. The parent strains, Cookies variant and OG Kush, contribute to the impressive potency and a robust flavor profile. The infusion of the creamy and smooth Mintz genetics birthed this tantalizing new heavyweight champion of a strain, an unparalleled addition to our repertoire.

The Biscotti Mintz strain stands out with its predominantly deep purple hue, and the production of trichomes is simply off the charts. As the plant matures, the leaves exhibit a stunning blend of purples, oranges, and greens, which accentuate the densely packed, bolder-shaped dark green buds with bold purple highlights and long orange hairs. Its irresistible, lingering tastes and aromas are sure to leave you spellbound. It exudes a kushy essence infused with notes of chocolate chip cookies, creamy mint, and a hint of spice. A unique blend of Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Eucalyptol terpenes come together to generate an exceptionally appetizing aroma.

Biscotti Mintz Strain paves the way for an intensely creative, focused, and soothing experience accompanied by a distinct, gradually intensifying body high.

Is Biscotti Mintz Indica or Sativa?

Biscotti Mintz, a creation of Barneys Farm, is a blend of 20% Sativa and 80% Indica.

What is the optimal way to store Biscotti Mintz strain seeds?

For the proper preservation of Biscotti Mintz seeds, it is suggested to store them in a cool, dark place within an airtight container. Ideally, they should be kept in a refrigerator, appropriately labeled and dated, while avoiding freezing conditions.

What is the most effective method to germinate Biscotti Mintz strain seeds?

Various methods exist for germinating Biscotti Mintz cannabis seeds, provided it is legal in your area. A popular approach is the paper towel method. In this process, the Biscotti Mintz seeds are placed between two moist paper towels to ensure they remain damp. Subsequently, the paper towel is stored in a warm, dark area, and the moisture levels are checked daily. Once the Biscotti Mintz seeds have germinated, they can be carefully transferred to soil or a similar growth medium.

Biscotti Mintz Strain Specifications

Type: Feminised
Genetics: Biscotti Strain x Mintz Strain
Photoperiod: Normal
Sativa %: 20%
Indica %: 80%
Climate: Hot & Temperate
Flowering Time (days): 56 – 63
Feminized Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 1st-2nd week – October
Indoor Height (cm): 80-90cm
Indoor Yield (g): up to 600-650 gr/m²
Outdoor Height (cm): up to 200cm
Outdoor Yield (g): up to 1.5kg per plant
Taste: kushy flavours, hints of chocolate chip cookies, creamy mint.
Aroma: Exceptionally appetizing creamy kushy aroma.

Biscotti Mintz Hybrids & Crossbreeds

  • Kush Mintz: Critical Kush x Biscotti Mintz
  • Biscotti Mintz: Biscotti Mintz x Biscotti Mintz
  • Loacker Mints: Miracle Alien Cookies x Biscotti Mintz
  • Biscotti Mintz: Biscotti Mintz x Biscotti Mintz
  • Scotti Pimpin: Biscotti Mintz x Banana OG probably
  • Biscotti Mintz: Biscotti Mintz x Biscotti Mintz