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The Kromed Lemons strain is a unique and potent hybrid cultivar known for its beautiful, frosty appearance and distinctive aroma. This strain is the result of meticulous breeding by Thunderfudge Genetics, a renowned breeder in the cannabis industry. The Kromed Lemons strain is a testament to the breeder’s commitment to creating high-quality, genetically diverse cannabis strains.

Genetics and Lineage

The Kromed Lemons strain is a hybrid, born from two exceptional parent strains: The White and Super Lemon Haze. Each parent strain contributes distinct characteristics to Kromed Lemons:

  • The White is known for its high THC content and dense, resin-coated buds. It imparts a potent, relaxing effect to Kromed Lemons.
  • Super Lemon Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with a zesty lemon flavor. It lends its energizing effects and citrusy aroma to Kromed Lemons.

The breeding process involved careful selection of these parent strains and controlled cultivation to ensure the best traits were passed on to Kromed Lemons. The result is a strain with a unique genetic makeup that offers a blend of the best characteristics of its parents.

Appearance and Aroma

Kromed Lemons is visually striking with its frosty, trichome-covered buds that hint at its potency. The strain exhibits a vibrant palette of colors, from deep greens to subtle purples, interspersed with fiery orange hairs.

When it comes to aroma, Kromed Lemons does not disappoint. The strain has a complex aroma profile, dominated by a strong citrus scent, courtesy of its Super Lemon Haze parent. Underneath the lemony top notes, there’s a hint of earthiness and a pungent skunk aroma that adds depth to the overall scent. The presence of terpenes like limonene and myrcene further enhance the strain’s distinctive aroma.

Effects and Medical Benefits

Upon consumption, the effects of Kromed Lemons come on slowly but build up to a peak that combines the best of its parent strains. Users report feeling an initial burst of energy and euphoria, courtesy of Super Lemon Haze, followed by a deep, relaxing effect that can be attributed to The White.

In terms of medical benefits, Kromed Lemons is often chosen by patients to alleviate symptoms associated with stress and depression. Its energizing effects can help combat fatigue, while its potent relaxing properties can provide relief from chronic pain and insomnia. As with any cannabis strain, the effects can vary between individuals, and it’s always recommended to start with a small dose, especially for novice users.

Growing Information

Growing Kromed Lemons strain can be a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced growers. This strain is considered moderately difficult to grow, requiring a bit of experience and knowledge about cannabis cultivation.

Ideal growing conditions for Kromed Lemons include a warm, sunny climate, similar to a Mediterranean environment. However, the strain is also adaptable and can be grown indoors with the right setup.

In terms of yield, Kromed Lemons is quite generous. Growers can expect a medium to high yield, depending on the growing conditions and care provided. The flowering time for this strain is typically between 8 to 10 weeks.

Kromed Lemons Cannabinoids

THCA: 19.39%
CBGA: 0.87%
D9-THC: 0.32%
CBG: 0.18%

Kromed Lemons Terpenes

Beta Caryophyllene: 0.71%
Humulene: 0.22%
Limonene: 0.21%
Beta Myrcene: 0.17%
Bisabolol: 0.1%
Linalool: 0.1%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.05%
Beta Pinene: 0.05%
Alpha Pinene: 0.04%


Is Kromed Lemons strain indica or sativa?

Kromed Lemons is a hybrid strain, combining the characteristics of both indica and sativa. It inherits its sativa traits from Super Lemon Haze and its indica traits from The White.

What are the effects of Kromed Lemons strain?

Kromed Lemons strain offers a blend of effects, starting with an energizing, euphoric onset followed by a deep, relaxing effect. It’s known for its potential to alleviate symptoms associated with stress and depression.

How to grow Kromed Lemons strain?

Growing Kromed Lemons strain requires a bit of experience. It thrives in warm, sunny climates but can also be grown indoors with the right setup. The strain has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks and offers a medium to high yield.


In summary, Kromed Lemons is a unique and potent hybrid strain that offers a blend of effects, thanks to its parent strains, The White and Super Lemon Haze. Its distinctive aroma, generous yield, and the range of effects it offers make it a favorite among both recreational users and medical patients.

As a personal note, the complexity and versatility of Kromed Lemons truly showcase the art and science of cannabis breeding. It’s a testament to the endless possibilities that careful selection, breeding, and cultivation can bring to the world of cannabis.

Kromed Lemons Lineage / Genealogy

Kromed Lemons »»» The White x Super Lemon Haze BX1

  • The White
    • Unknown Hybrid »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Super Lemon Haze BX1
    • »»» Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk
    • Super Silver Haze
      • »»» {(Haze x Haze) x Skunk #1} x {(Haze x Haze) x NL #5}
      • (Haze x Haze) x Skunk #1
        • Haze x Haze
          • Haze
            • O Haze
              • »»» Santa Marta Gold x Wacky Weed aka Chocolate Colombian x Colombia
              • Santa Marta Gold »»» Sativa
              • Wacky Weed aka Chocolate Colombian »»» Sativa
              • Colombia »»» Sativa
          • Haze (specified above)
        • Skunk #1
          • Skunk #1
            • »»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia
            • Afghanistan »»» Indica
            • Mexico »»» Sativa
            • Colombia »»» Sativa
      • (Haze x Haze) x NL #5
        • Haze x Haze (specified above)
        • NL #5 #5
          • »»» Purest Indica x Hawaiian #5
          • Purest Indica
            • Afghani
              • Afghanistan Probably Indica »»» Indica
          • Hawaiian »»» Sativa
    • Lemon Skunk
      • »»» Original Skunk x Citral Probably Pakistan (Chitral)
      • Original Skunk
        • Skunk #1 (specified above)
      • Citral Probably Pakistan (Chitral) »»» Indica