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Critical Runtz Feminized showcases vibrant stigmas that create a striking contrast with its robust, olive-green buds. It is highly valued by cultivators for its generous yield of premium flowers. Whether you prioritize taste or aroma when selecting cannabis strains, Critical Runtz Feminized stands out due to the exceptional qualities of both aspects. Outdoor growers will appreciate its resilience, as it thrives in temperate and Mediterranean climates.

Despite its compact size and inherited indica genetics, the sativa influence becomes evident in its final height during the harvest. Critical Runtz Feminized is a hybrid strain that incorporates genetic traits from Northern Lights #2, Skunk Kush, Jack Herer, and Durban.

The first two strains are predominantly indica, which manifests in the strain’s short flowering period, branching structure, and yield. The sativa influence from Jack Herer and Durban significantly contributes to its flavor and induces a euphoric onset of effects.

Growth Characteristics of Critical Runtz

The mixed lineage of Critical Runtz Feminized is apparent in its overall plant morphology, showcasing qualities from both indica and sativa strains. These feminized seeds offer an advantage to growers seeking maximum efficiency in terms of space utilization. Whether cultivated indoors or outdoors, gardeners can expect exclusively female plants in their gardens.

Critical Runtz Feminized demonstrates vigorous growth, quickly reaching vertical heights. Despite its rapid growth rate, the internodal spacing remains tight, resulting in a bushy plant as lateral branches extend outward and upward towards the light source. The branches are robust, but training techniques like SCROG can provide support for the later stages when the buds become dense. Other cannabis training methods such as SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping are also compatible with Critical Runtz Feminized.

The top lateral branches tend to stay shorter, leading to a substantial central cola located at the apical meristem. The flowering period for Critical Runtz Feminized ranges from 55 to 60 days. After switching to the flowering phase, the stretch is moderate, with plants potentially increasing their vegetative height by 1.5 times. Under optimal indoor conditions, plants can reach heights of 140 to 180 cm. Outdoor growers in moderately warm climates with occasional rainfall can achieve heights exceeding 220 cm.

Buds of Critical Runtz Feminized develop into large, densely-packed flowers covered in a thick layer of trichomes. Swollen bracts cluster together, forming chunky and vibrant buds. The leaf material exhibits hues ranging from olive green to a captivating deep purple. However, it is the captivating red and orange stigmas that resemble a blanket of fire enveloping the flowers that truly capture one’s attention.

The remarkable aspect of Critical Runtz Feminized lies in its outstanding profiles and effects. Additionally, the yields it produces are exceptionally high. When grown in a controlled environment indoors, cultivators can expect dried yields ranging from 550 to 600 grams per square meter. Outdoor harvests can vary depending on the seasons, but yields near or surpassing 600 grams per plant are not uncommon.

Effects, Flavor, and Aroma of Critical Runtz

Once again, the hybrid nature of Critical Runtz Feminized delivers desirable characteristics inherited from both indica and sativa parent strains. Similar to Jack Herer and Durban, it provides an instant euphoric effect that envelops the mind.

The uplifting effects encompass conscious thought processes while inducing blissful relaxation in the body. The NL#2 (Northern Lights #2) and Skunk Kush contribute a deep and soothing body stone that becomes more pronounced as the initial euphoria fades.

Flavor plays a prominent role for those who have experienced Critical Runtz Feminized flowers, and this strain excels in

delivering a delightful taste experience. The initial burst of flavor resembles a sugary sweetness that dances on the palate. This is quickly followed by notes of zesty citrus and freshly picked berries, creating a mouthwatering combination of freshness. But Critical Runtz Feminized doesn’t stop there. It takes it a step further with a tropical essence that defies description, adding a unique and irresistible element to its flavor profile.

The aromas emitted by Critical Runtz Feminized are a perfectly balanced symphony of scents. Fruity and sweet notes blend harmoniously with subtle hints of spiciness. The dominant tropical fragrance takes center stage, accompanied by undertones of zesty citrus and orange peel, contributing to its uplifting and invigorating scent. In the background, you’ll detect hints of sourness mingling with accents of sandalwood, while earthy and musky terpenes add depth to the overall aroma. During the flowering stage, the grow room is filled with delightful and sweet floral notes, creating an enchanting ambiance.

Fast Facts

Critical Runtz Feminized is the result of combining four award-winning strains, each contributing its own exceptional traits.

One of the rarer Northern Lights genetics, NL #2, was specifically chosen to enhance the indica lineage of this strain.