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Dark Phoenix is a remarkable amalgamation of two esteemed cannabis varieties, resulting in a strain that boasts attributes truly top-tier. This plant is notably easy to cultivate, consistently yielding rewarding outcomes.

Dark Phoenix’s genetic lineage is a potent mix of Trainwreck and Jack Herer. Green House Seeds, a reputable purveyor of cannabis seed, has masterfully bred this variety using the acclaimed clone of the Trainwreck strain, a California native, and Jack Herer, another renowned strain. The product of this meticulous work is an Indica-Sativa hybrid that can be harvested following a flowering photoperiod of approximately 8-10 weeks. In outdoor conditions, the plant reaches harvesting readiness by the end of October.

Dark Phoenix grows to a significant height, but its growth can be effectively managed with the application of cultivation techniques like SCROG. Its transition into the flowering stage is characterized by an impressive surge in growth, generating a multitude of secondary branches that contribute to a highly rewarding yield.

The flowers bloom swiftly following the growth spurt, forming elongated buds comprised of a profusion of calyxes typical of Sativa strains. The strain exhibits a range of phenotypes that, subject to the growing conditions, can manifest stunning hues at the climax of the flowering phase.

Dark Phoenix, an aromatic powerhouse, tends to lean more towards the Sativa side in terms of its terpene profile despite its hybrid nature. It offers a complex flavor palette combining pine and earthy tones with a subtle haze undercurrent, further amplified by the potent lemon and incense undertones inherited from Trainwreck, creating a veritable symphony of terpenes on the palate.

The strain induces a well-rounded effect, featuring intense bodily relaxation influenced by Trainwreck, which proves highly beneficial for rest, relaxation, and appetite stimulation. The influence of Jack Herer ensures the preservation of mental clarity, introducing a creative nuance that is highly favored in artistic pursuits.

Quick facts about Green House Seeds’ Dark Phoenix:

Type: Feminized cannabis seed
Genetics: Trainwreck x Jack Herer
Ratio: 60/40 Sativa-Indica hybrid
Flowering period: 8-10 weeks
Outdoor harvest time: Late October