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The Lemon Tree Strain is a unique and potent cannabis strain that has gained popularity for its distinctive characteristics and effects. This strain is known for its strong lemon aroma, high THC levels, and balanced hybrid effects.

Origin and Genetics

The Lemon Tree Strain is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, two well-known strains in the cannabis world. This strain originated in California, where it was developed by expert breeders looking to create a strain with a strong lemon aroma and balanced effects.

Awards and Recognition

The Lemon Tree Strain is not just popular among users, but it has also received recognition in the cannabis industry. It was the winner of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup, a prestigious award that speaks volumes about its quality and potency.

Characteristics and Effects

Appearance and Aroma

The Lemon Tree Strain is known for its plump buds that might remind you of actual lemon trees. The buds are covered in a thick coating of bright trichomes, giving them a light appearance. The strain’s aroma is its most distinctive feature, with a strong lemon scent and diesel undertones.

THC and CBD Levels

The Lemon Tree Strain has average THC levels between 17% and 25%, making it quite potent. However, its CBD levels usually stay far below 1%, making it more suitable for those looking for a THC-dominant strain.

Effects and Medical Uses

As a balanced hybrid, the Lemon Tree Strain has the capacity to create both indica and sativa effects. Users have reported feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and clear-headedness. The strain is also used for medical purposes, with potential uses including stress relief, pain management, and easing symptoms of PTSD and fatigue.

Growing Information

Growing the Lemon Tree Strain can be a bit challenging, especially for novice growers, due to the difficulty in obtaining seeds or clones. This strain is not readily available in seed form, and clones can be hard to come by. Therefore, prospective growers may need to obtain a mature plant from which to take cuttings.

The Lemon Tree Strain is known to grow medium-to-tall in stature, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. However, growers should be prepared to provide ample vertical space to accommodate its height. The strain also requires a warm, Mediterranean-like climate to thrive, so those in cooler regions may need to grow it indoors or in a greenhouse.

The strain has a flowering time of about eight weeks, which is relatively short compared to other strains. This makes it a good choice for growers looking for a quick turnaround. Despite its short flowering time, the Lemon Tree Strain can produce relatively high yields. Growers can expect dense, light-green buds covered with sticky trichomes and amber-colored stigmas.

In terms of care, the Lemon Tree Strain requires regular watering and feeding. It is also recommended to regularly monitor the plants for signs of pests or disease, as the strain can be susceptible to mold and mildew. Proper ventilation and humidity control are crucial to prevent these issues.

Overall, while the Lemon Tree Strain may require some effort to grow, the payoff can be worth it. Its potent effects, unique aroma, and high yields make it a rewarding strain for any dedicated grower.

Growing Stats

Flowering time: 56 – 63 Days
Flowering type: Photoperiod
Grow difficulty: Easy
Harvest time: 70 Days
Yield outdoor: 15 – 20 Oz/plant (~ 550 g/plant)
Yield indoor: 1 – 2 Oz/Ft² (~ 400 g/m²)
Height indoor: 60-80
Height outdoor: 90 >

Lemon Tree Strain Cannabinoids

THC: 19 – 21.5%
CBD: 0.22 – 0.57%
CBC: 0.14 – 0.62%
CBG: 0.24 – 1.22%
CBN: 0.3 – 0.43%
THCV: 0.21 – 0.96%

Lemon Tree Terpene Profile

Valencene: 0.16%
Myrcene: 0.16%
Pinene: 0.14%
Caryophyllene: 0.13%
Bisabolol: 0.12%
Humulene: 0.09%
Limonene: 0.09%
Terpinolene: 0.06%
Linalool: 0.04%
Ocimene: 0.02%
Total terpenes content: 1.01%

Lemon Tree Hybrids & Crossbreeds

  • Lemon Legend: Lemon Tree x Lemon Chemical F1
  • Wedding Tree: Lemon Tree Purple Pheno x Unknown Strain Kushy Stank
  • Wonderlemon Hashplant: Lemon Tree Special Pheno x Mountain Hashplant F1


What is the Lemon Tree strain good for?

The Lemon Tree strain is good for stress relief, pain management, and easing symptoms of PTSD and fatigue.

How does the Lemon Tree strain make you feel?

Users have reported feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and clear-headedness.

Is the Lemon Tree strain a sativa or indica?

The Lemon Tree strain is a balanced hybrid, meaning it has the capacity to create both indica and sativa effects.

What is the best tasting lemon strain?

While taste can be subjective, many users enjoy the strong lemon aroma and flavor of the Lemon Tree strain.